Limestone is a versatile and often irreplaceable raw material applicable in many ways. It is important for the manufacturing of products that maintain our well-being, and are used on a daily basis.

  • Refreshments: Juice and coffee are made of good-quality drinking water, in the production of which limestone-based products are used.
  • Cutlery: The cutlery on your breakfast table is made of steel, and lime is needed in many stages of the steel manufacturing process.
  • Magazines: Limestone is used in a refined form as filler and for coating purposes in the production of magazine paper and milk cartons.
  • Almost half of high-quality coated magazine paper consists of mineral
  • Milk: Cows need calcium out of feed lime that is made of the purest limestone, for bone development, function of the nervous system and production of milk.
  • Glass: Almost one third of glass consists of limestone.
  • Eggs : Limestone is an essential element in shell formation of eggs.

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